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Please fill in the contact form stated below to order your pictures! Consider to have enough free space in your mail account ( ca. 1 MB up to 5 MB each picture, depending on resolution)

Method of payment: Paypal or prepayment on bank account

Please fill into the big box the date (e.g. tourist rides 01.01.2000), the number of the picture and the desired resolution (large / medium / small)

After this, just press the “Order!” button below! Your order will then be in progress, I will send you a confirmation mail with payment advice soon. After receiving payment, I will send you the pictures within 24 hours. If you should not have received a confirmation mail or your photo (please also check your spam folder!), then please contact me at:

kontakt (at) annaschleife.de

At the moment it is only possible to receive a picture via E-Mail, but the shipment of printed images is planned for the future. Of course, all pictures are sent without any kind of logo.
Because digital images are a files which can be reproduced infinitely, it is not possible to resign from the deed of sale. The buyer has understood and accepts this fact.
If there should be any reason of complaint, please contact me at: kontakt (at) annaschleife.de